The South West Craft Beer Festival only features brewers local to the South West region of Western Australia, right through from Mandurah to Denmark.

We welcome breweries of all sizes, who produce heaps of different styles of mouth-watering, refreshing brews! Right through from chilli beer, light ales, dark ales, Belgium style, or fruity wonders! And for those crazy people are not beer drinkers… never fear! We have a delicious range of ciders, ginger beer, wine and bubbles available as well!


Margaret River Ale Co.

We are super excited to welcome back the Margaret River Ale Co. to the 2018 South West Craft Beer Festival!

Their unfiltered, naturally carbonated, malt beers are only made with pure quality ingredients, a passion for craftsmanship and an immense sense of local pride. All of their brews represent certain local characteristics of the Margaret River region such as surfing, the great white, road trips and live music.

This gem of a microbrewery is owned and operated by the lads from Settlers Tavern, Margaret River.

Brewhouse, Margaret River

A huge welcome to South West Craft Beer Festival first timers. Their brewing philosophy is quite simple – they make beers how they were meant to be made! Using only 4 ingredients; hops, malt, water and yeast, they brew beers that are true to style. But that’s no substitute for flavour… your taste buds are in for a real treat!
At the South West Craft Beer Festival 2017, you’ll be able to taste their Kuttback Kolsch, Black Duck Lager, Inji Pale Ale and Red Tail IPA.

Cowaramup Brewing Co.

Cowaramup Brewing Co. can’t wait to start pouring their golden nectar at the South West Craft Beer Festival 2017. So much so that they found it challenging to choose which of their mouth-watering brews to showcase. Hard decision when they are all made with the same amount of love and all free from those nasty preservatives.

They finally decided to bring all 6 and rotate them throughout the day. Choose from their Cowaramup Pilsener, Cowaramup Hefeweizen, Cowaramup Lightsign Summer Ale, Cowaramup Special Pale Ale, Cowaramup India Pale Ale or Cowaramup Porter.

The Cidery & Blackwood Valley Brewing Co.

Mark from The Cidery and Blackwood Valley Brewing Co. is the legendary man behind the stellar line-up of ciders you’ll get to try in 2018.

The Cidery are proud partners with Newton Orchards, Manjimup, the South West’s largest apple orchardists, to source their amazing Pink Lady apple (from the home of Pink Lady) to hand-craft their artisan ciders.

Rumour has it, they may also be serving up their brand spanking new beers too! We can’t wait to try their Truffle Ale and Spiced Pumpkin Ale. The South West Craft Beer Festival is all about trying something unique and amazing!

Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery

The Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery are locked in for 2017 and they can’t wait to share their cheeky cans and kegs with you!

Their brewers are very passionate about what they do and they strive to only serve the highest possible quality beers + ciders. What makes their brews so taste bud pleasing is they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, no short cuts are made, plus they only use the finest local and international ingredients.

Their Southern Wailer Limited Release 500ml Cans are a legendary example of just how rad their brews are! These release every 2-3 months … who knows what they will be bringing to the South West Craft Beer Festival this year! You can rest assured knowing you can definitely expect to see their crowd pleasing favourite the West Coast IPA though…

Elephants Rock Cider Co.

The team from Elephants Rock Cider Company will be road tripping up from Denmark again in 2017 with their four funky elephant taps… you certainly won’t miss them on the day!

Elephants Rock Cider Co. pride themselves in using only the best local South West fruit and they have the awards to show it.

Get excited… they don’t just serve the usual cider! They have blended, tasted and created some easy drinking combos that are certain to open cider heavens gates!

We can’t wait to find out which of their 8 ciders they will serve up. Will it be their old faithfuls like Pear Cider & their non-carbonated Oaked Scrumpy? Or their funky combos like Apple & Ginger, Strawberry or Apple Chilli?

Bootleg Brewery

The old faithful is back… A huge welcome back Bootleg Brewery!

You may say this is where south west craft beer began… back in 1994 when Tom Reynolds opened his doors to the regions first operating brewery.

They may be the oldest, but Tom’s enthusiastic team of brewers pride themselves in hand-crafting their brews with a bucket load of wisdom, passion and creativity. They’re dedicated to producing new and award-winning brews – and they are damn good at it too!

Whether you prefer their Summer Ale, Speakeasy IPA, Prohibition Pils, Raging Bull or their highly anticipated One Off Brew, they will have ales and lagers to quench any beer lover’s palate. Don’t miss them in 2018!

Black Kite Beverage Co.

The Black Kite Beverage Co. are all set to bring their zesty, thirst quenching bevvies to the South West Craft Beer Festival in 2018!

This little beauty of a boutique pride themselves in turning the best local fruit, roots and herbs into amazing boozy drinks.

Black Kite only have four beverage varieties, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality and flavour!!! Pop into their stall at the South West Craft Beer Festival and try their Original Ginger Beer with ginseng & apple, their Dry Ginger Beer with a touch of lemongrass, their Chilli Ginger Beer with chipotle & birdseye or their to die for Citro Bitter Lemon, Lime and Bitters!! You won’t be disappointed with this range of tangy delights!

The Beer Farm

The Beer Farm are busy brewing lots of heavenly delights to bring to the South West Craft Beer Festival!

This crafty bunch have converted an old dairy farm into a brewery. They use local, natural ingredients and are even harvesting the water from their naturally fed spring on site.

We can’t wait to see what spectacular range of golden ales they will bring along in 2017!

Artisan Brewing

Artisan Brewing sold out of all their beer at the 2016 South West Craft Beer Festival.

Yes their brews are that good! They will be showcasing a stellar line up of great Belgian-inspired ales to quench any craft beer lover’s thirst… and they will have plenty of it!

Brian was the President of the Western Australian Brewers Association… so he knows a thing or two about quality craft beer. He retired so that he could focus on his passion for brewing and to keep up with the punters growing demand! Looking forward to seeing them in 2017!

Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

The legendary brewers from Eagle Bay Brewing Co. are busy making their heavenly delights for the South West Craft Beer Festival 2017!

Eagle Bay Brewing Co. make their beers with fresh rainwater, malted barley, yeast and hops. Nothing else. No added preservatives or nasty stuff. So you know they are good for you.

They can’t wait to start pouring their golden nectar into you glass in Feb. And we can’ wait either!

Custard & Co.

Them damn tasty, sweet and juicy, wild yeast fermented cider combos from Custard & Co. will be back at the 2017 South West Craft Beer Festival.

Set in the middle of the apple growing country side, Custard & Co are what you call a little different. They use whole local fruit to make their apple ciders and have unique combos that will blow our mind away!

Their ciders are also 100% natural! There are no nasty caustics in their tanks, no concentrates, no added flavouring, just wild fermented yeasts and good times. Plus if you are gluten intolerant, this is the cider for you! No nasty little gluten characters swimming around in these bevvies.

Three Rivers Brewing Co.

A big welcome back to quite possibly the most sustainable brewery in WA, Three Rivers Brewing Co.

Sustainability is a key factor behind Three Rivers. It is a true “franken-brewery” to use an industry term. The brewery only uses recovered and recycled equipment in its production. The fermenters were once dairy tanks as are some of the brewing vessels, the grain mill is from a horse stud farm and the cool room was rescued from a butcher in Mount Barker.

Leftover grain is passed on to a farmer in Waroona for stock feed, the remaining yeast is used as fertiliser and remaining hops are used as mulch. And this is what we call using initiative… beer soap and dog biscuits are produced as by-products of the beer and grain.

So check out their stall and have a cold glass of guilt-free lager, knowing you are looking after our South West environment!

3 Oceans Wine Co.

Well… maybe not quite a brewer, but just as good! This one is for those vino loving lads and ladies who still want to be part of a super fun 2017 South West Craft Beer Festival.

3 Oceans Wine Co. will be making sure those not so keen on hops are well and truly looked after… and they are damn good at it too!  This multi-award winning beauty has been producing premium, flavoursome wines since 1979! The Margaret River region is renowned for producing some of the best vino in the world, so I can’t wait to taste what their new season has to offer.

Blue Mile Brewery

We knew craft beer heaven had opened its gates when Blue Mile Brewery told us they were going to be a part of the 2017 South West Craft Beer Festival. Their thirst quenching brews are designed for drinking on a summers day with mates.

Blue Mile Brewery is a family run business in Busselton, who believe the true secret to brewing great beer is to use only fresh, local & raw ingredients! And why wouldn’t you when Australia farms the highest quality produce in the world??

This definitely proves true in local favourite brew 24 Cannons Pale Ale! With a serious punch of floral, citrus and spicy hops, it finishes off perfectly with a smooth biscuity malt… It’s your must try for 2017!

Boston Brewery

Water + Yeast + Malt + Hops + Brewer = Boston Brewery. The South West Beer of the Year Trophy winner returns in 2017.

Boston Brewery have a theory… everyone has a beer drinker inside them, some people just don’t know it yet. And we think they might just be right by the looks of their brews line-up for the day.

Their brewers are super dedicated to the craft and joys of a brew well made, and it shows! Made with Denmark’s finest & purest rainwater, why settle for anything less than the best? This rainwater allows the quality of the raw materials, carefully selected, to speak for themselves.

Thinking local first in all aspects of the business, Boston Brewery is always looking for ways to contribute to the sustainability of the Denmark community. Empty grain bags are used by the local Parks and Recreation for invasive weed collection, spent grain is given to local farmers to feed their stock, local produce is sourced whenever possible for the restaurant and donations are given to local community groups and sporting teams.

Colonial Brewing Co.

Welcome back to the 2017 South West Craft Beer Festival Colonial Brewing Co. Margaret River.

Their beer is about substance over style… and founded on the belief that beer making is both an art form and great way to wind down. Simply put, they believe in beer!

They don’t put too much fuss into the process, but this certainly doesn’t mean they don’t care! They simply seem to have perfected “little is more”. Plus their beers certainly do the talking once in the glass in front of you!

But Colonial Brewery Co aren’t just known for their award winning ales… they launched their scrumptious Bertie Apple Cider! It’s a real treat!

Black Brewing Co.

Last but not least… huge welcome to the new kids in town, Black Brewing Co. from Margaret River.

They are all about creating an environment where you can try new things with creative people, who are passionate about their craft…… everything they do is a collaboration of good people.

We can’t want to see which mouth watering, thirst quenching, heavenly crafty brews they will bring along to the festival. Your taste buds are in for a real treat!

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